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The Rise of Female Leaders in the United Kingdom by Naz Smyth

The intentional addition of women in the office allows for more successful businesses.

Naz Smyth Hijab Gets Haute

Hijab Gets Haute

“My Hijab Doesn’t Oppress Me, It Empowers Me.”

Naz Smyth Courts

Naz Smyth UK Courts

NAz Smyth: it is 95 years since the first female solicitor was admitted to the British legal profession. Four women passed the Law Society’s examinations in 1922, and on December 18 that year the first woman solicitor was admitted.


“Fashion’s Haute Couture Empowering Muslim Women” by Naz Smyth

Women in fashion “Diversity is beauty” by Naz Smyth. The world of High Fashion is supporting Muslim women who are coming together for a startup that promises them fashionable clothes that will respect their faith.

Naz Smyth and Muslim beauty

Fashion’s Haute Couture for Muslim Women by Naz Smyth

Dolce and Gabbana’s Haute Couture for Muslim Women By Naz Smyth