Naz Smyth Hijab Gets Haute

Hijab Gets Haute

“My Hijab Doesn’t Oppress Me, It Empowers Me.”

Naz Smyth Courts

Naz Smyth UK Courts

NAz Smyth: it is 95 years since the first female solicitor was admitted to the British legal profession. Four women passed the Law Society’s examinations in 1922, and on December 18 that year the first woman solicitor was admitted.


“Fashion’s Haute Couture Empowering Muslim Women” by Naz Smyth

Women in fashion “Diversity is beauty” by Naz Smyth. The world of High Fashion is supporting Muslim women who are coming together for a startup that promises them fashionable clothes that will respect their faith.

Naz Smyth and Muslim beauty

Fashion’s Haute Couture for Muslim Women by Naz Smyth

Dolce and Gabbana’s Haute Couture for Muslim Women By Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth

From Educating Women to Fighting For Leadership Opportunities. By Naz Smyth

From Educating Women to Fighting For Leadership Opportunities. By Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth: Divorce and British courts

Mrs Naz Smyth Divorce settlements

Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth and Gender Wage Gap in UK Law Firms

Naz Smyth: Mind the gender pay gap?

Naz Smyth

Pole Dancing for Olympics!

pole dancing has had a fraught history of seedy clubs and leering men—a reputation that is outdated. Experts are bringing it out of the shadows and into fitness studios to show women how empowering and fun it can be to twist, twirl, feel sexy and get a good workout.

Naz Smyth Rihanna Harvard

Naz Smyth: Rihanna goes to Harvard!

Bright like a diamond: Harvard honors Rihanna’s philanthropy