Weekly news: President Trump’s First State of the Union

As January comes to a close and we enter the second month of the year, partisan and Russian conflict continues to reign supreme in the American press. In Cape Town, however, there are more pressing issues than who’s insulting who – within months, the city will be completely out of water, a situation termed “Day Zero.” Meanwhile tension between Poland and Israel has sprung up due to the Polish government’s passing of a bill banning claims that Poland as a nation was in any way responsible for the Holocaust. As we move into February, we must remain aware that we face not only our own struggles but those on national, international, and environmental levels, and we must face them with as much knowledge and as much compassion as possible. More on NazSmyth.co.uk

President Trump’s First State of the Union

United States President Donald Trump made his first State of the Union address this past Tuesday, January 30th. He began the address by congratulating himself and his administration on the “success” of his first year in office. He then went on to discuss the importance of immigration reform, North Korea, and the American economy. He did not, however, outline any specific policies regarding these topics.

Having described his accomplishments in these arenas, the President’s look towards the future took the form of urgining both parties to work together. An essential message, no doubt, but work together on what policies? On what improvements? Based on the congressional chaos of the past year, who can say? Not the President, it seems. (NYTimes)


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