Weekly News

#MeToo continues to make headlines internationally. While Britain addresses a sexual assault scandal at the annual President’s Club charity dinner, China has begun actively censoring its own #MeToo stories in an effort to avoid social unrest. In Liberia, social unrest is noticeably and wonderfully absent from their recent election in which former soccer star George Weah was sworn in as the new President. It was the first peaceful transition between Liberian leaders in decades. Sadly, peace has absented itself from Turkish-Kurdish relations, as Turkish President Erdogan has instigated military strikes against Kurdish-populated regions of Syria. And, as always, chaos and conflict divide American politics – though the government has re-opened, solutions are tenuous and fraught with political in-fighting. All in all, however, the news could quite frankly be worse. For every sexual harassment scandal, we gain new insight into the world of fear that women have existed in for so long. In Liberia, we see hope and change. With Turkey’s move to strike, perhaps more international attention will be directed towards the long standing ethnic tension in the region. And, although the U.S. government continues to struggle…well, at least it’s open for business, however discouraging that business may continue to be.

more details on www.nazsmyth.co.uk/2018/01/weekly-news/


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